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As a manufacturer your needs are varied, demanding an extremely adaptable approach from your labour provider. Our manufacturing clients also have a uniquely diverse set of skill requirements which means that their labour provider must have a strong database of candidates who are flexible, efficient, reliable and multi-skilled.

VITALpeople can provide workers at all levels from manual to fully-skilled workers who are familiar with manufacturing environments and who are able to meet the rigorous demands of shift work, anti-social hours and complex working timetables. We have access to thousands of candidates across the full spectrum of skillsets and this enables our Consultants to provide full 360 degree staffing support to our manufacturing sector Clients.

Our robust selection processes are bespoke to each client’s unique requirements to ensure each applicants suitability and motivation for the specific job.

Our Consultants take the time to understand your business and provide you with access to reliable recruits for long or short term placements.

We can provide you with