About VITALpeople

VITALpeople was established with a simple mission to deliver outstanding service and innovative recruitment solutions.

Vital People

Our senior management team have over 40 years combined experience of the best and worst that the Recruitment Industry has to offer. We know what it takes to build up a successful recruitment partnership with our customers and we have drawn on that experience to create a business that is totally focussed on delivering beyond customer expectations.

We understand that being able to call on a reliable and efficient recruitment service is an essential part of the management strategy for modern businesses and we know that the implications of poor service are extremely damaging for our customers. However we differ from our competitors in one critical way – we know that what damages your business also damages ours.

The service that we provide are always tailored specifically to meet each of our customers' individual requirements and we always maintain the highest professional and ethical standards required to meet the legislative and moral requirements of business, today and in the future.

"Outstanding Service" is an overused phrase across the Recruitment Industry. Too many of our competitors make bold claims about service delivery to customers when only a very few can back up those claims in practice. We prefer to leave the comments about whether we actually deliver what we promise, to the people who matter most. The referrals and testimonials given to us by our customers and our workers provide a far more accurate appraisal of our service.