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How to manage Temporary employees

Just like permanent workers, Temporary workers can prove vital to the success of your company. A temporary workforce offers employers flexibility during short-tern / seasonal peaks and when full-time employees are sick or on holiday.

While temporary staff have much to contribute to your team, it can be difficult to know how to manage them. With that in mind, we have put together a few ways to effectively manage temporary workers:

• Set them up for success

Temporary workers don’t go through the same on-boarding process as permanent employees, so it is necessary to take some time to show them around. At Vital People, we are happy to conduct company inductions and sign-ins on your behalf to help you on board staff effectively.

• Training

In order to enhance productivity, it is important to create a short training programme and inform all new employees (temporary or permanent) of any targets or KPIs they need to achieve. It is a lot easier to manage temps when you are clear about what you need from your workers.

• Feedback

All good employees are looking for ways to improve their performance and temporary staff are no different. While you are not required to conduct a full performance review, a quick ‘well-done’ email or advice for improvement will help temporary workers feel like an integral part of the team, as well as improve their performance. Your Vital People representative will also be happy to provide workers with feedback on your behalf.

• Ask Vital People!

We have thousands of qualified temporary employees ready to start work. If this is the first time you have worked with temporary staff, we can explain how we manage our temporary staff and ensure each work is onboarded without issue. We can also:

  • Manage payroll
  • Take responsibility for onboarding and offboarding temporary workers
  • Manage workplace issues with temporary employees
  • Help you quickly integrate temporary staff in your workforce.

If you are looking for reliable staff and a recruitment partner who knows how effectively to manage a temporary workforce, contact Vital People today!