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How to write attractive adverts for industrial positions

To run a successful business you need skilled, experienced and motivated employees on your team – but how do you attract the right candidates?

Taking the time to create accurate and appealing job adverts is one way you can source candidates with the right expertise.

Here are our 4 Top-Tips to make the process easier:

1. Include Skills Development

Many candidates seeking industrial work are looking to secure a steady income. However, they also want the chance to develop their skillset. By emphasizing the organisations commitment to educational and skills development opportunities, candidates looking to progress to the next level are more likely to apply.

2. Talk about Advancement opportunities

For many industrial workers, the opportunity to move from temporary work to a permanent role is highly motivating. Clearly laying out the potential career opportunities available provides workers with a reason to remain loyal to a company, rather than searching for alternative temporary work.

3. Clearly define the job requirements and highlight Perks

Warehouse hours are often long and include unsociable hours and weekends. Clearly outlining the shift pattern workers will be required to follow will help potential candidates see if the working times match their availability.
Including an accurate job requirements section is another way to ensure the right calibre of candidates are applying – candidates don’t want to waste their time applying for a job if they aren’t suited to the role. Another essential part of constructing an attractive advert is to include benefits. Whether that be Healthcare provision or bonus schemes, these perks help sell the role to potential candidates.

4. Contact Vital People!

Recruiting and placing industrial workers is our Job! We can source candidates quickly and efficiently, offering more than a ‘Box Standard’ approach to recruitment. Contact our team of experienced recruitment professionals today to learn how we can meet your specific requirements.