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Benefits of working with a recruitment agency

Searching for a job can be overwhelming and time consuming. From access to undisclosed roles to expert market knowledge, below we look at some of the top benefits of working with recruitment agencies when job searching.

It’s Free

Jobseekers get the benefit of a recruitment agencies connections, expert knowledge and time without it costing anything – usually it is the employers who pay the fees.


Recruiters are dedicated to scouring the marketing to find the best candidates for their clients. It is their priority to fill all open jobs, so they do the heavy lifting by matching you with potential roles.

Expert market knowledge

The best recruiters keep up-to-speed on the latest industry trends and updates. Working with a Recruiter that understands the hiring market means they can advise you on salary expectations and the competitiveness of the roles. They may have even placed other candidates at the companies you are applying with, providing you with inside knowledge on things like progression and company culture.

Bigger network

Agencies spend a lot of time connecting with companies looking for help growing their teams. Utilising their network means you don’t have to just rely on your own connections when applying for upcoming roles.
In some circumstances, you may even be put forward for jobs that aren’t being advertised yet if the recruitment agency knows in advance that a company is about to start hiring.

They can guide you through the whole process

Although interviews can be daunting, Recruiters can help you prepare in advance. They may have a close relationship with the hiring manager conducting your interview therefore be able to share tips and advice on their interview style. From advice on interview etiquette, dress code, body language, cultural fit or how to answer difficult interview questions, utilising your Recruitment Consultant’s knowledge can make all the difference when preparing for the interview.

You stay in  a database

Even if you are unsuccessful in your application for your first role, your details will remain in a database and you will stay on your Consultant’s radar for future positions. So, working with a Recruiter, even if you are unsuccessful at first, can still give you a better chance of landing your dream job than doing it alone.

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