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Covid -19: Update for our Clients

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to escalate, we wanted to let you know how we are responding in order to meet the requirements of our business partners.

At Vital People, we understand the picture is changing daily and the level of uncertainty is currently the biggest risk for businesses, which is why we are doing everything we can to cover the areas of uncertainty we can directly influence. Whilst we may not know exactly how things will play out over the coming weeks, please know we will remain fully reactive to all circumstances and ensure that services to our customers are maintained.

We have currently taken the steps below to support you as the Covid-19 implications unfold:
  • All of our internal staff (excluding essential on-site Representatives) are now working from home.
  • Enhanced screening questions for candidates and applicants have been added, to ensure that risks are kept to a minimum in line with Government advice (this will remain fluid and will be amended as necessary if the advice changes).
  • We are looking into what additional screening methods we can practically implement (such as temperature monitoring).
  • Hiring additional internal resource staff to enable us to increase our recruitment activity. We plan to increase our “live availability” by at least 50% to ensure that we are able to cover urgent additional demand from you regardless of the reason for that demand. This may mean making amendments to induction and onboarding processes and our Operations teams will discuss this with the relevant people as appropriate.
  • Going forwards, visits to customer sites and face-to-face meetings will be conducted on an essential or operationally critical basis only. Full telephone support is available along with Skype/video meetings if required.
  • Our teams will be keeping customers updated with additional availability numbers on a regular basis. This is being done on an entirely speculative basis and simply to provide you with a short-term contingency should an urgent need arise. We are NOT making any assumption that you will use the labour in the short-term, but it will be there if you need it.
  • In the event that you need hiring support in other areas of the business then please don’t hesitate to ask – we have multiple specialist divisions across the group that will be able to help you. Please contact us with initial enquiries and we will co-ordinate the necessary response.

Finally, in these uncertain times it is critical that our customers are able to retain robust supply chains, and it is clear than many businesses in our sector are going to suffer in the coming weeks and months. We would therefore like to reassure you that we are able to absorb the short/medium term disruption we are currently anticipating. You can be confident that we will be here to support you with a full service, throughout the current crisis and beyond.

We will keep you updated on developments as they happen but in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information, support or assistance.